Sunday, December 27, 2009


We all have this voices inside us. Actually there are two voices.
One that tells us to heed the path of the just... and one that naturally is always there with us that wants us to self destruct... Symptoms of this voice are- Anger, Ego, Deception...

We all want the world to be fair. We all want our dreams to come true...

But since most of us- including me aren't sure exactly what we want. We also don't know how hard an effort we are willing to put into our goals and aspirations- They never come to fruition.

I have followed the voice of self destruction for roughly Ten (10) years now. If you would see me on the street you would think that I am succesful- I dress in the latest styles. I drive a nice car, and know how to conduct myself. The truth is that I am full of crap.

Sadly, most of us are. how many of us can be completely transparent about our lives? Who doesn't have at least one dark secret? A VERY dark secret?

The Diary of Yered is about moving past all that. To start listening to the voice inside us that wants what's best for us. The voice that if we would all follow we would have complete transparency, and never have to LIE.

The lies we tell stay with us... They are a drug- a shortcut to improving. therefore if you want to continue to lie about the way you live your life- I have done so successfully for ten years, and others have done it for longer.

I am not interested though. I have had enough. I want simplicity. I want PEACE.

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